Winning Contortion

Whew! This girl is so amazing! Ashley Bell, the 24-year old star of the American mockumentary horror film The Last Exorcism, is exceptionally flexible. She can twist and bend her body into painful-looking positions to appear possessed by a demon.

That freaky Exorcist-looking girl with her back bent the wrong way is no special effect. 
Ashley Bell plays the possessed Nell, 
and she has a natural ability that would make yoga teachers freak out.

"I didn't know she could do that," Stamm said.
"That's not why I cast her. 
She is double-jointed. She can pop out her shoulder like that. 
Two days before we actually shot the exorcism scene, we sat in the hotel lobby 
and I said, 'Do you have any idea? Anything you want to try out for that scene?' 
She goes, 'Well, why don't I do this?' She stood up and she bent over backwards. 
I was like, 'You stay as you are, I'll go out and rewrite the scene.' 
Now that has become kind of the big centerpiece of the film. 
It's the poster, it's the whole marketing campaign."

Here is an interview where Ashley shares how joyful she is because the movie is a big success.

I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm still thinking if I can do it. Have you watched it? Will you watch it?


Georgia G. said...

I haven't seen this version too :[ lovely blog,I'll follow (:


Maria said...

Hello Georgia! I'm still thinking if I can manage to sleep after seeing this.

Thanks for following! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG girl, just earlier i saw the trailer of that film and i already got scared so i dont think i can manage to watch it. Wow, i thought that back bending thing is just special effect! that's freakin amazing! thanks for sharing.


Maria said...

Hello shineyglam! Thanks for dropping by! :)

I saw the trailer too and I don't think I can sleep well if I watch the film..

chimchim cootienose said...

Hi Maria thanks for following! I followed you na din :)

Sadly for me tho, I don't have the guts to watch horror movies since "The Ring" (imagine?!). Interesting as the back-bending scene may seem - I will have to pass on this movie as well haha!

Maria said...

Thank you so much Chimchim cootienose! That's a unique name, by the way. :)

No horror movies for me too. I can't sleep at night. Hahahahaha!

InsideOut Elle said...

O_O! ahh that's so freaky ><! eeheh thank goodness, I never watch horror movies because *ahem* they actually scare me...

Maria said...

Me too Elle! I'm so scared!